How to Make a Peppermint Plate or Platter

Make an edible plate out of starlight mints! | #peppermint platter tutorial at I Gotta Create

...Talk about your childhood wishes
You could even eat the dishes*...
Ok, I know that's an old song and
these candy plates have been floating 
around the blogosphere for awhile, too!
But I've been wanting
to make a Starlight Mint platter
and see for myself that it works.

It does work!

So... here's my version of

How to Make A Peppermint Plate:

Today is a Big Day

Today is a big day.

It marks the beginning of
stepping into a new dream...

of taking a leap of faith...

of taking a fork in the road
and moving in
the direction the heart is calling.

The story will unfold over time.
But today...


I just want to acknowledge
and give gratitude
for the support and the ability
to take these brand new steps

3-Step Magazine Tree Tutorial

Make beautiful #holiday trees out of magazines in 3 simple steps! | Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Deck your Halls
with a forest of trees you make yourself
out of something you already have 
plenty of lying around the house:

This is a fun project to do with the family,
with friends at a holiday craft party,
or simply as you sit sipping 
eggnog or hot chocolate
and watching holiday movies.

These magazine trees are easy to make
and I'm offering you beautiful,
full-color, fully illustrated instructions.


How to Make Magazine Trees:

Wildly Original Link Party #132

Happy Holidays!
Welcome to this week's 
party buffet
of wildly original creations.

Eggnog Pumpkin Pie by Yesterfood

The scrumptious features this week
will serve you for Thanksgiving, Christmas,
and other Holidays coming up.

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